People have much more power than they think to take control, change their behavior and transform their lives. This book and CD shows you how to do it. Transforming something about yourself does not require psychotherapy, but it does require a precise plan for exactly what to do. Whatever personal behavior you want to change, with this supportive, encouraging, step-by-step program in six acts you can do it successfully. You will learn:

· How to create the conditions for successful personal change
· How to analyze your current situation to identify exactly which behaviors are your best targets for change
· How to get in touch with your fears and resistances to change and deal with them successfully
· How to develop a detailed practice plan to rehearse at home
· How to move from rehearsals to real world performances
· How to deal with people who don't want you to change
· How to make the take-charge living approach a way of life

We're all actors on the stage of life. The Take-Charge Living book and CD are for people who want to edit their script, recast their role, and enjoy a more satisfying performance.