Is Take-Charge Living: How to Recast Your Life…In Six Acts useful for you? Take this quick quiz and see.
There's no need to write your answers down. You will not be graded.

1. Do you abuse food, alcohol, or drugs? Do you smoke? Do you engage in any other risky, detrimental, or personally harmful behaviors?
Yes______ No_______
2. Do you lose out because you procrastinate about things that are important to you?
Yes______ No_______
3. Do you have problems with relationships?
Yes______ No_______

4. Do you avoid pursuing your life goals?
Yes______ No_______

5. Overall, how much control do you feel you have in guiding your life?

To help you answer question 5, look at the following scale. Picture number 1 as the rating of people who feel quite helpless, almost totally out of control of their lives. Number 10 is the opposite, people who feel on top of things and quite in charge of their lives. This scale is a useful first step for taking stock of your situation.

How Much I Feel In Control Of My Life


I feel very little
personal control
over my life

I feel a lot of
personal control
over my life.

Chances are the less personal control you feel you have-that is, the less in charge you feel over your life-the less happy you are.

If you answered YES to any of the first four questions, or rated your feeling of personal control as low, that suggests you are not in good enough charge of taking care of yourself and running your life. Take-Charge Living can show you how to change that.