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10 Hang-Ups to Making Changes

Want to curb anger, find a new job, get out of a bad relationship, stop smoking, or lose those 20 lbs., but just can't seem to get started? Here are some reasons why you're holding yourself back:

1. You want to feel ready before you make the change, only you never are.
2. You are afraid others won't like you if you change.
3. You think being the way you are is your personality and/or genes and you're stuck with it.
4. You don't know where to begin.
5. You think other people, not you, cause the problem, so they should be the ones to change.
6. You've tried to change before and it didn't work.
7. You are sure you'll fail at it.
8. You think you'll look foolish, stupid, etc.
9. You don't think you have the right to pursue your own goals.
10. You think it's selfish to put your needs first.

Source: Dr. Marion Jacobs, Ph.D., author of Take-Charge Living