Praise for Take-Charge Living

[Take-Charge Living] is a remarkable book that provides a clearly presented set
of effective strategies to guide one’s journey into fulfillment and meaningful
relationships with others. The reader will develop the self-confidence to take charge
of his or her life and achieve a sense of empowerment and sequential mastery
during the life cycle.

-Joseph L. White, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of California, Irvine.
author of Promising Practices in Multicultural Competency Training

... offers a practical, rational and honest way to reach our most cherished dreams
and goals. You are in expert hands, as Dr. Jacobs dispels the illusion that “some
of us have what it takes to change, and some of us don’t.” She shines the light of
understanding on the actual and repeatable steps that lead to successful living. You
will be amazed at the strength that will arise and the inspiration that will come as a
result of you taking charge.

-Susan McNeal Velasquez – President of Unleash The Power of Your Intuition Seminars
and author of Beyond Intellect: Journey Into the Wisdom of Your Intuitive Mind

Provides practical, easy-to-follow steps to help us attain the goals we have struggled
to reach. Its particular strength is in fully exploring barriers and resistance to
change. Dr. Jacobs provides guidelines for understanding and overcoming those
common impediments that so often stop us from fully realizing our goals and

-Jill Waterman, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor of Psychology at UCLA
Coordinator, UCLA Psychology Clinic
Author of Helping At-Risk Students: A Group Counseling Approach for Grades 6-9.

Presents clear, concise, practical steps for gaining insight into one’s own behavior
and greater control over one’s life. Dr. Jacobs takes an optimistic view of human
nature that leaves the reader with enhanced thinking skills and increased selfconfidence.

-Lee Winocur Field, Ph.D., former President and Executive Director of the Center for
the Teaching of Thinking and author of Impact Thinking and Laboratory Activities to
Understand and Nurture Choices.

The book and podcast series, like Marion herself, is credible, important and
friendly. It speaks to the part of us that is still waiting for permission to live our life
our way and to get beyond the need for proof via our feelings that we can evolve
into who we want to be. I spent many hours with Marion Jacobs in the production
of the podcasts based on the book, and from this I know that she lives of what she

-Allan Hunkin, President of SuccessTalk Channels

Dr. Marion Jacobs has succeeded brilliantly in translating the process of selfempowerment
into an inspiring yet practical, guide for anyone seeking positive
behavior change. Dr. Jacobs encourages the reader to maintain a “stay in support
of myself ” stance while guiding us to awareness and understanding of our unique
thoughts and beliefs that keep us stuck in frustrating and self-defeating cycles of
behavior. Take Charge Living is the therapist you’ve been looking for to help you
actually succeed in growing a little more each day into the person you want to be.

-Rita Milhollin, Ph.D., Counseling Psychologist and Lecturer in Social Ecology
(Ret.),University of California, Irvine

Dr. Jacobs is the consummate professional. Her diligence in research is equaled
by her compassion and acumen as a clinician. She is a compelling author and a
dedicated, natural teacher with the ability to turn students on to the even the most

-O. Lee Trick, MD., Psychiatrist and Co-Director Family Institute of the

Marion Jacobs provides intimacy via the written word. To “everyperson” Dr Jacobs
presents hope of change.Today people are craving global and American hope for
positive change and that includes at its base hope for personal change

-Reita A.Troum, LCSW, Educator and Psychotherapist, Co-Director Family
Institute of The Southwest

Jacobs shows her readers how to overcome their own resistance to changing
unwanted behavior--or beliefs -even emotions ... Best of all, the book can be used
in little digestible pieces.

-Gerald Goodman, Professor Emeritus, Psychology, UCLA

A straightforward, practical toolkit for identifying and overcoming barriers to
change...What distinguishes this book from much self-help hokum is the realistic
discussion of the intense negative feelings that often arise from enacting change, and
the techniques required for withstanding those feelings and moving forward. ...A
self-help book that could actually work.

—Kirkus Discoveries