Definitely not the Opera, September, 2009 - Canadian radio, Winnipeg, Canada
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January 2, 2009, Kristin Hanes KOMO1000am Seattle-Successful Personal Changes

Oprah Winfrey Show, discussing self help. Was in a debate format with Dr. Stanton Peele. KABC-TV.

KSBR Radio, Mission Viejo,CA. Interview on Collage by Dawn Kamber.

Self-help groups and the mind-body connection. UCLA On The Air. KMPC radio.

Interviewed by Carol Ann Rosenbloom. Minds and Mirrors, Channel 34, Los Angeles. "How to Choose a Psychotherapist."

KPFK, Los Angeles. Psychology For The Public. Interviewed by Dr. Steve Portuges. Topic: Self Help Groups and Public Health.

Gallery, KTLA-TV, Los Angeles

Let's Rap, KTTV, Los Angeles. Topic: Mental Health Needs of Veterans.

Guest discussant on Women's Issues, KUCI Irvine, California.

Panelist of Focal Point, a public service radio show. Topic: Effects on achievement and adjustment of sex role stereotyping.

Computer-assisted psychotherapy. KXYX Radio, Portland, Or. Talk radio. Interview with Dick Bogle.

Guest, Down To Earth, K-Earth (radio), Los Angeles.

Interviewed by Carol Trussel. Psychology: The Study of Human Behavior, PBS - TV. "Therapy Choices."