Foreward - Dr. Manual J. Smith

Introduction: Life Is Not a Dress Rehearsal

Part One: Star in Your Own Show
Beginning the Transformation

CHAPTER I — Writing the Script
How to Take Charge of Your Life

CHAPTER 2 — Preparing for the Stage
How to Measure Your Current Performance

CHAPTER 3 — Staging a Hit
How to Temper Your Emotions with Reason

CHAPTER 4 — Conquering Stage Fright
How to Overcome Your Fears of Changing

CHAPTER 5 — Going Solo
How to Pinpoint Your Specific Goals

Part Two: Dress Rehearsals
Practicing the Transformation

CHAPTER 6 — Previewing a New Role (Act One)
How to Use Mental Imagery to Create Your New Look and Sound

CHAPTER 7 — Getting the Script Right (Act Two)
How to Identify Your Enemies to Change

CHAPTER 8 — Stepping on Stage (Act Three)
How to Retrain Your Thinking and Plan Your Practice

CHAPTER 9 — Hitting the Right Emotional Note (Act Four)
How to Manage Your Feelings When They Resist Change

CHAPTER I0 — How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? (Act Five)
How to Stage Your Dress Rehearsals at Home

CHAPTER II — Taking Your Show on the Road (Act Six)
How to Fine-Tune Your Performance

Part Three: Backstage
Securing the Transformation

CHAPTER I2 — Dropping the Curtain
How to Face Your Negative Assumptions

CHAPTER I3 — Expecting Applause!
How to Deal with People Who Don't Want You to Change

CHAPTER I4 — One Hit Leads to Another
How to Make Yours a Lifetime of Empowerment

Conclusion: Taking a Bow
How to Appreciate What You Have Accomplished